Monday, 26 May 2014

Order Indian Cuisines Online at

If you are a food lover and say you haven’t heard of Kitchens of India, it will be a sheer insult of the Indian cooking and cuisines. Kitchens of India is the place which brings together all cuisines and cooking methods under a single roof. Thai, Mexican, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, Italian and others- all international varieties of food are prepared at Kitchens of India and made available to the hundreds of food lovers through online booking of orders.

Reputed chefs from big international and five star hotels come together to prepare dishes that will make you lick your fingers every time you order food from Kitchens of India. The food delicacies prepared here are all authentic and made of pure ingredients. Big names in this industry like the ITC sponsor the delicacies and also often include the dishes in their menu.

Food gift packs are also available at Kitchens of India which come very handy during journeys or picnics or get-togethers. These gift packs can also be used as proper gifts on occasions and festivals- like a gift pack of Biryani on Eid and likewise. Kitchens of India deals and coupons make the purchase more exciting and pocket-friendly as they reduce the amount of money spend but increase the share of happiness and value. At present, you can receive benefits of saving from the following Kitchens of India coupons:

On purchase of Nawabi Daawat Combo
Eat like a Nawaab with the Nawabi Daawat Combo available at just Rs. 470 from Kitchens of India.

On purchase of Maharaja Delight Combo
The Maharajas Delight Combo comprising sumptuous meal is available at just Rs. 413 from Kitchens of India.

On purchase of Royal Halwas
Royal halwas of Suji, Carrot and others are available at a budgeted amount of Rs. 200, only at Kitchens of India.

On purchase of Masala Mix- Masala Curry Powder
Not only delicacies, but also the secret to prepare them is offered at Kitchens of India. The ever favorite and useful Masala Mix Masala Curry Powder is available at only Rs. 40.

On purchase of flavored conserves and chutneys
The taste of food enhances significantly if it is accompanied by good chutney or a flavored conserve. Buy these flavored conserves and chutneys from Kitchens of India at only Rs. 90.

On purchase of Veg/non-veg curry powder
Veg/non-veg curry powder to make your dish taste extraordinary is available at just Rs. 150.

Also, ready to eat Indian Food can be ordered online from the Kitchens of India which will be delivered to your doorsteps in a jiffy. The service is offered in major cities and metros.

Hurry and pamper your taste buds now!

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